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Sample report
Each individualís circumstances are unique and therefore each report is custom built. Hence there cannot be a standardization of the sample report. The sample report given here is a live report sent to a client (name changed) and the report, which you will receive, may cover some or more of such indications.

Dear Mr. Sunil

Thank you for taking an interest in, trusting us with your query and allowing me to work on your unique reading, which I found to be inspiring and challenging. For the benefit of mankind, Lord Brahma revealed astrological principles to the sages of yore. Thus, all astrological consultations take us from darkness to light.

Thus astrology is meant for guidance in the moments of crisis. What God wills can only be revealed and hence the entire process of astrological consultation is based on divine blessings.

The horoscope cast for the moment of your query reveals that there is this emotional attachment for you at your work place.

You have been together and that is a great thing as per the chart.

You have interacted so well and the vibes have been excellent. But at the same time the planetary influences are suggesting a kind of moving away in your association and hence I do not immediately see anything between the two of you.

At the same time I can see your uneasiness and the hidden pain, which you have of her.

When she goes away then what will be your situation and how will you be able to cope up with the circumstances. I can see a lingering pain, which may be left behind.

In the absence of her full horoscope it is very difficult to say whether she is there in your life or not. But looking at your chart and the present influences, I can have a one sided view.

You are running the mahadasha of Jupiter and antardasha of Jupiter upto 15-3-2007 and thereafter the mahadasha/antardasha of Jupiter/Mercury.

The finer influences of various pratyantardashas running during this period together with transit of planets reveal that you have had a closer relationship in terms of interaction from September 2005 onwards.

You have discussed and talked and also shared your hidden views.

To that extent you have been close to her and that clearly shows in your horoscope.

This has been an emotion in the past few months, which tells volumes of what is going on in your mind.

But at the same time I can see a lot of uneasiness and turmoil in the first half of 2006. It may not be easy for you to forget her.

At the same time I can also see that she may keep a contact with you and that may be the link. I canít see from her side of story, as her horoscope is not with me. Btu from your horoscope it seems that the contact with this emotion may continue.

It is only towards the end of 2006 and that to from October 2006 onwards I can see a strong upsurge of emotion building up for you in which you may be involved in serious and committed way.

Although it is difficult to say that whether it will be with this girl, but the linkages of the dasha and the planetary position still suggests that it can be with her.

Hence it may not be out of place to mention that there is a possibility but not immediately.

You must keep your patience and your poise and also keep a committed contact. Who knows that she returns soon and then depends on you for her emotional needs.

In fact the indications are chart are such that right from January to July 2006 you are thinking about it and also indulging in this emotion from your side.

With this kind of combination I have to be with you and support your desires, as there cannot be anything other than that.

But the years 2007 and 2008 may be somewhat uneasy, as there may be conflicts and obstacles in smooth flow of your relationships. Hence you have to be careful and also cautious in this regard.

Looking a bit ahead I feel that you have ample happiness in your love life towards the end of 2006 and then again towards 2010 and 2011.

You may have to therefore keep yourself prepared for these influences to appear so that you tread this path carefully but surely.

In the meantime you may get her birth details and order separately to get the details of influences on her with this regard.

The entire 2006 get activated and the second half of 2006 more so with regard to your love and emotional relationships to take shape.

To ward off the evil influences of certain planetary combinations of your horoscope you may keep a fast on Thursdays for the next six months.

On the day of the fast you may take only tea, coffee, milk, fruits and curd etc. during daytime and normal meals at night after sunset and avoid taking non-vegetarian food or liquor.

You are also recite hanuman chalisa every day and worship Goddess Durga regularly and especially on Wednesdays in a temple.

Propitiation of planets called graha shanti, as suggested above, can give magical results and therefore you may do these upayas with religious fervor and faith in God.

Please be guided by these observations, which are based on Vedic astrological principles as well as on modern researches. From times immemorial these principles have guided innumerable people who have benefited from them.

I wish you all the very best in your endeavors and pray to almighty to bestow health, happiness and prosperity on you.

If you wish to have an in-depth analysis of any particular area of your life you can consult me under the relevant category like Career report, Finance report, Business report, love report, marriage report, compatibility analysis etc or under Ask 3 questions if your query does not fall in any of these categories and the same shall be promptly attended to.

Any astrological consultation is best attempted by an astrologer and in turn best utilized by a consulter if past history and full details are mentioned along with the query itself. Hence I request you to provide all relevant details in future.


Deepak Kapoor
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Respected Deepak Jee
Thanks a million for your accurate predictions regarding my 5 consultations on my health. Everything happened as you predicted. I have no debilitating disease whatsoever. Doctors deemed me fit. I tortured myself for nothing. I would say proudly to whole world if you want right accurate timely and honest and reasonable predictions without wasting your money on other astrology websites remember one website I want to write the one full page and keep on going but YOU ARE THE BEST. MAY YOU LIVE LONG AND CONTINUE TO HELP HUMAN BEINGS ON THIS EARTH. I contacted @@@@ (name withheld) and other 100 websites and spent thousands of dollars but your predictions were most accurate. Keep up the good work. I watch Aapke Tare everyday it is such a great show.
VK, Canada

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